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Feature-Specific Inspections

​Moisture Intrusion Inspections

​Home Pro Miami will assess the exterior of a property to locate any crack(s) or gaps that may potentially provide conditions conducive for moisture intrusion to the interior.  While evaluating the interior, our inspectors use some of the newest state of the are technology to locate the source of elevated moisture levels or water damage throughout your property.  By utilizing infrared thermal imaging cameras, as well as digital and imaging moisture meters, we are able to locate potential sources to water damage that may be found throughout the property.

Chinese Drywall Inspections 

​Any home built 2003 and newer SHOULD be checked for Chinese Drywall. Houses built 2002 and 2003 might have the defective drywall because the drywall was allegedly in Florida in 2001. Chinese Drywall produces gasses such as hydrogen sulfide, which coats metals with a black residue. This gives off a very distinctive smell, which resembles burnt matches. This black residue has caused new AC units to fail within 2 years. This may also become a fire hazard. Severe health effects are common with Chinese Drywall cases.

Balcony Re-Certificaitons

​Balcony re-certification reports which may be required for any public lodging establishment of 3 stories or more by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.  Inspection reports completed on a DBPR HR-7020 (Division of Hotels and Restaurants Certificate of Balcony Inspection) form.

Moisture Intrusion Inspection
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