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Mold Inspections

Mold Inspection

Due to growing concerns surrounding mold, prospective home buyers want a home that has been mold inspected. Mold sampling has become a standard practice during a home inspection. You should not buy a home with mold, sell a home with mold or live in a home with mold. A MOLD inspection is your first step in this determining factor.

To find out if mold is a problem in your home, you MUST have a mold inspection conducted by a licensed mold inspector.

Mold inspections usually consist of a visual evaluation of the property or area of concern along with collected sampling which is analyzed by a third party laboratory.

Home Pro Miami inspectors will investigate to determine any previous issues that may have occurred within the property, the length of time and reason mold is suspected within the property as well as any possible health symptoms you or someone within the property has been experiencing.  This information will help provide insight as to the cause of any concern for potential mold growth.  Then we will conduct a complete assessment of your property to determine any potential water damage or moisture intrusion to provide an atmosphere conducive for mold growth.  Home Pro Miami inspectors use the latest technology evaluating a property for any potential concern of water damage or elevated levels of humidity within a space that may provide an environment conducive for mold growth.  Each inspector comes equipped with infrared thermal imaging cameras, an LED Fiberoptic snake camera, as well as digital and imaging moisture meters to check every area within a property, roof structure, crawlspace or ventilation system for potential concerns of elevated humidity or mold.  Lastly our inspectors will collect air or swab samples to determine the type or quantity of molds, and evaluate the indoor air quality within the property.

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NAERMC Certified Mold Hygienist
InterNachi Certified Moiture Intrusion Inspector
NAERMC Certified Water Damage Mitigation Assessor
NAERMC Certified Indoor Air Quality Specialist
Certified Environmental Home Inspector
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