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Home Pro Miami inspectors are now using some of the latest technology to provide the most thorough & detailed inspection service to our clients.  Home pro inspectors are now using drones to survey select commercial and residential properties and roofing systems that may otherwise be difficult to access.


Drone images that result are easy to share & interpret, and they provide an overview of a property or building that many prefer to a report collected by sampling individual vantage points through a limited manual inspection. In addition to conditional or maintenance inspections, drone-generated video footage can also be a very useful marketing tool for real estate.

Luxury Inspections
Drone Roof Inspections
Professional property inspections
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Drone Property Survey
Drone Property Survey
Drone Roofing Survey
Drone Roofing Survey
Drone Roofing Survey
Drone Roofing Survey
thermal imaging

Thermal imaging is also one of the latest tools our service provides to more thoroughly evaluate a property. Home pro inspectors use thermal imaging in nearly every evaluation as there are multiple applications in which it is useful.


  • Electrical distribution panels - defects such as hot, loose, or overloaded circuits within electrical panels.

  • Phase supply - checking for unbalanced electrical loading.


  • HVAC maintenance - check issues with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment such as the coils and compressors.

  • HVAC performance - check how much cooling or heat is being generated by equipment inside a building.

  • Pumps & motors - overheated motors can be spotted before they burn-out

Leak Detection:

  • It is not always apparent where a source of a leak is located.  A thermal image can see temperature differentials within a building material to determine if possible leak is present when there may not be an damage to the naked eye.

Energy Efficiency:

  • Review the effectiveness of and find gaps in ceiling and wall insulation.

  • Check for leakage in air conditioning & heating ducting as well as the building envelope such as around window & door frames.

Leak Detection
Leak Detection (Thermal Image)
Leak Detection
Leak Detection (Thermal Image)
Leak Detection
Leak Detection (Thermal Image)
Electrical Systems
Electrical Systems (Thermal Image)
Electrical Defect
Electrical Defect (Thermal Image)
Mechanical Systems
Mechanical Systems (Thermal Image)
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