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A PREMIUM Inspection Service

homepromiami Inspection Services offer a range of Residential, Commercial, Insurance, and Mold inspection services to better provide you with the information you need to know to purchase a prospective real estate investment, or just to have peace of mind in your current home or property.  For nearly a decade Home Pro inspectors with a background in construction or engineering have been breaking down the inspection process to provide our clients with insight and knowledge on each property.  Within 24 hours, you will receive an easy-to-read detailed report so you can better understand and make the best possible decision for your family or real estate business.  Our inspection reports will identify any defects,  hidden dangers or builder oversights, needs for major repairs, as well as maintenance issues which can add up to thousands in unexpected costs, or worse, impact your health.  In acquiring real estate, a proper inspection is a must to insure your investment.

The Home Pro team will assess your property thoroughly & honestly.  Our mission is to take our knowledge of construction and building practices and provide that for each & every client. Every property is different, and can have numerous issues which may require immediate attention.  Home Pro Miami takes pride in making sure the interest of our client is our number one concern by providing them with a detailed analysis of each property thats far beyond any product of our competitors. Read More...

If you are currently a homeowner, an evaluation of your home can identify problems in the preliminary stages and suggest preventive measures that might help you avoid costly repairs in the future.​  If you are interested in selling your home or property, a pre-listing evaluation can provide you with the opportunity to make any repairs that may be required, and will make your property a more attractive asset ​for prospective buyers.​

Quick Turnaround
Detailed Reports
Licensed & Insured
Roof Coverings, Flashings,
and Penetrations
Interior Walls, Floors, Windows
& Doors
Some of the areas covered in our full comprehensive inspections include:
Roof Structure, Attic and
Stairways & Railings
Moisture Intrusion
Exterior Shell Structure
Plumbing Systems & Water
WDO & Termite
Exterior Siding, Trim,
Windows and Doors
Electrical Systems
Irrigation Systems
Exterior Terraces, Decks, and
Heating Ventilation & Air
Conditioning Systems

Our assessments cover the current condition of the property as well as provide a BuildFax permit history report on the property for up to the past 30 years.  We will provide you with an easy to read, computer generated report that includes digital photographs & illustrations of any findings as well as general estimates for any repairs or replacements needed. Real property evaluations include commercial and Industrial properties as well. See sample residential inspection reports here:

Home Pro Miami also specializes in inspections for the insurance industry. Let our trained professionals provide you with the proper documentation your insurance requires and in some cases help you lower your insurance. By simply contacting us, we will set an appointment at a time of your convenience to come out and inspect your home . Then we will determine if you are eligible for discounts that can help save you up to 88% on your homeowners insurance. The Florida Department of Finance states that nearly 70% of your insurance premium could be attributed to wind-damage risk.​

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